APS V4 15400

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APS factory released the V4 edition of the Royal Oak 15400. These updated models come equipped with a rubber strap. The competition between ZF and APS for the Audemars Piguet 15400 has always been fierce. The Royal Oak 15400 is also one of the replica watches that I suggest to individuals who are considering purchasing their first super clone. However, only APS factory manufactures the latest 15400 with a rubber strap.

I have a few questions. First, what is the current version of the perfect replica AP Royal Oak 15400? I’ve seen it referred to as V3 on some dealers’ websites, but APS claims it is V4. Second, if it is indeed V4, what improvements have been made compared to the V3? This is usually an important aspect to consider when discussing watch versions, right?

According to my knowledge, the latest V4 edition has made improvements to the dial details. The main difference between APS and ZF on the AP 15400 model is the dial. APS has recently made enhancements to the checkered dial, ensuring that each grid has unique patterns, which makes it challenging to replicate on a replica watch. Additionally, APS has worked on replicating the light and shadow reflections from the center to the outer parts of the dial, making it closer to the genuine watch when the watch is shaken slowly.

Regarding the Audemars Piguet 15400 models from APS, there is a question about whether all of their 15400 models, including the ones with a stainless steel bracelet, have the V4 edition. Some video reviews online suggest that APS only has the V4 edition for the 15400 models with a rubber band, while the ones with a stainless steel bracelet still do not have the dial improvements. Based on this, it is suggested to wait until APS completes the improvement on all of their AP 15400 watches. In the meantime, you can consider buying from ZF, as many people have purchased their 15400 without any complaints.

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