BBR Factory Replica Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar 26574 Review

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The Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar 26574 replica is an intricately designed timepiece with a multitude of functions. Within our market, there are not many factories that produce replicas of this particular watch. Previously, only APS factory offered a replica wacthes of this model, which boasted impressive quality. However, there was an obvious flaw in the design, specifically with the central hand featuring an arrow tip. While the genuine watch’s hand accurately indicates the current number of weeks in a year, the APS replica incorrectly functions as a sweeping seconds hand across the dial. In a significant development, the BBR factory has successfully rectified this error, ensuring that all functions on their replica watches are now correct. While there is a considerable fondness for this replica watch among enthusiasts, I personally do not believe it is necessary to immediately purchase it from BBR.

The Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar 26574 replica is renowned for its complex nature, and even the genuine watch has a relatively high rate of repairs due to its intricate movement. As a result, it is unrealistic to expect that the recently released replica by BBR will function flawlessly without any issues. It is crucial to subject the replica to thorough testing. Only once there are minimal complaints about its performance can one consider acquiring it. For now, my recommendation remains to choose the replica from the APS factory, despite its notable flaw on the hand.

After thoroughly reviewing several video evaluations of this new replica watch, I came across a few dealers who expressed concerns about the quality control measures implemented by BBR. According to their observations, there were some minor issues present in the replica. Furthermore, in order to achieve the full range of functions on the replica, additional modifications would have been necessary on the movement. This could potentially result in decreased stability and a higher likelihood of future issues arising with the movement. In contrast, while APS factory did make a mistake with the hand, their replica watches underwent extensive testing to ensure stable functionalities and movement. It is worth noting that both BBR and APS employ the Miyota 9015 as the base movement for their replicas. Additionally, the overall thickness of the BBR replica measures approximately 11.5mm, while the APS replica is notably thinner at around 10.5mm, closely resembling the thickness of the genuine watch.

The replica watch offers easy adjustment options for various functions, including time, date, month, week, and moon phase. To adjust the central “week” hand, simply pull out the crown to the second position. For time adjustment, pull out the crown to the final position and rotate it accordingly. As the hour hand completes certain rotations, the moon phase indicator, small date hand, and small week hand will also move accordingly. Additionally, there are buttons on the case that allow for quick adjustments to specific functions. However, it is advisable not to excessively press these buttons. It is recommended to make adjustments on the replica wacthes between 6 am and 2 pm.

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