BF new arrival 15710 Diver

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The BF has previously released replicas of several AP Royal Oak Diver 15710 models, but I haven’t come across the specific model you described with a PVD black case and a rose gold bezel. The 15710 is a popular Audemars Piguet replica watch, and it has been produced by two major factories: JF and ZF. JF was the first factory to manufacture this watch and it remains one of their flagship products. BF, on the other hand, began producing replicas of the 15710 last year. While the quality of BF’s 15710 may be slightly lower compared to JF and ZF, its biggest advantage is its more affordable price.

In the case of the Diver 15710 replica watch, both ZF and BF factories utilize the Japanese Miyota 9015 movement, while JF factory uses an Asia ETA 2824-2 as the base movement. All three factories have added additional plates to the base movement and made modifications to the plates and auto rotor to closely resemble the genuine AP 3120 Calibre. However, these modifications result in the replica watch being thicker than the genuine version, with a case thickness of 13.8mm for the 15710 from these three factories.

The BF 15710 is cheaper than ZF’s version because of the differences in movement decoration. While both watches have the same base movement, the BF 15710’s movement decoration is not as nicely done as ZF and JF’s. The jewels on the movement plates have a different color compared to the genuine AP 3120 movement, and the engravings on the auto rotor are not as clear and fine as JF’s. This difference in movement decoration quality is one of the reasons why BF can offer the 15710 at a lower price.Furthermore, the case finish of ZF and JF is superior to BF. JF has put a lot of effort into developing their latest version of the 15710, known as V10. They have paid attention to details such as the case finish, the construction of the bezel, and the assembly of the crown. In these aspects, there is still a noticeable gap between BF and JF.When examining the BF 15710, you may notice that the rose gold bezel does not fit tightly onto the case, leaving a small gap. This could be due to incorrect installation by the watch master. However, it’s important to note that there may still be good-quality BF 15710 watches in their inventory despite these issues.

BF offers the most extensive selection of Royal Oak Diver 15710 watches, which includes variations in regular stainless steel, rose gold, and pvd black. Additionally, the stainless steel model offers a variety of dial colors such as black, white, blue, orange, yellow, and green, among others. BF is able to fully satisfy the preferences of individuals seeking high-level quality replica AP 15710 watches.

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