ZF AP 16202

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ZF, this manufacturer has recently released several new models this month, except for the IW3716. I’m not particularly fond of the other watches, such as the 15510 and the 16202, which are both 50th-anniversary models from Audemars Piguet. Speaking of the latest 16202, its predecessor is the AP 15202, which happens to be a highly sought-after replica watch in our market. KZF, ZF, and XF are all watch manufacturers that produce replicas of the 15202. XF was the first to make replica 15202 watches and quickly became one of the top sellers for AP replicas. ZF also made the 15202 and sold it at a much higher price than XF, but in my opinion, both manufacturers offer similar quality watches.

Whether it is the ZF or XF replica, the 15202 model offers the same functions as the genuine watch. Now, let’s talk about the latest perfect replica AP 15202 , the 16202 from ZF. This replica watch is of excellent quality, comparable to the 15202. However, it is still unclear why Audemars Piguet released the 16202. From an external perspective, there are no visible differences except for the movement. The size and dial details remain the same as the 15202. Personally, I am not a fan of the AP 16202, and I believe that most people would still prefer the 15202.

Regarding the 16202, ZF is the only manufacturer producing replicas of this watch. The movement used in the replica is a custom-made 7121 movement. However, it is important to note that this movement is not a super clone movement and does not have the same level of customization as the VS 3235. ZF has added additional plates to the base movement and made decorative modifications to make it resemble the genuine AP 7121 calibre. However, upon close examination, there are numerous differences between the replica movement and the genuine one, despite its ability to accurately display the time and date.

ZF 15400, 15500, and 15202 are highly recommended for their dial finishes, particularly the intricate grids. ZF has done an excellent job in replicating the checkered dials of the genuine watches. However, if APS factory improves the dial grids on these AP models, they have the potential to surpass ZF in terms of quality. Lastly, I would like to share some photos and videos of the latest 16202 with you. Enjoy!

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