Z Factory Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500 with Clone 4302 Movement

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In 2019, Z factory, also known as ZF, began producing replicas of the AP RO 15400. Despite J12 factory’s long-standing dominance in the replica Audemars Piguet watch market, many consumers have now shifted their attention to purchasing the 15400 replica from ZF. Although slightly pricier than the J12 15400, customers are willing to invest in ZF’s version due to its significant advantage – a noiseless auto rotor, addressing complaints about movement noise in the J12 15400. Today, I am excited to introduce the upgraded version of the 15400, the 15500, from ZF. Presently, two factories are manufacturing replicas of the Royal Oak 15500: ZF and OM. Without a doubt, I recommend purchasing from ZF, despite the higher price tag of up to 80 USD.

The 15400 holds a timeless appeal and stands as the flagship model of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak line. Since its introduction in the market, the replica version of the 15400 has consistently been one of the best sellers each year. The 15500, unveiled at Basel in 2019, saw its replica released in January 2020. Compared to the 15400, Audemars Piguet made subtle alterations to the dial of the 15500. The hour markers on the 15500 are wider compared to the more slender markers on the 15400. Additionally, the date window is now positioned slightly further from the center, and the minute markers have transitioned from being printed on the checkered dial to the oblique inner bezel. These changes contribute to a visually enlarged appearance of the 15500 dial compared to the 15400. Upon close examination of the 15500, one can observe various other adjustments. In summary, the upgraded 15500 offers a superior visual impact through its dial modifications.

After conducting a comparison between the ZF and OMF replicas of the 15500, I have observed that ZF’s replica boasts a superior finish on both the case and bracelet. Additionally, the movement decoration on ZF’s replica is also of better quality. Both ZF and OMF claim that their 15500 replicas are 10.4mm in thickness. Previously, I mentioned that J12 factory has the best case and bracelet finish on their Audemars Piguet replicas, which is true. However, J12 does not currently produce a replica of the Royal Oak 15500. On a related note, my clients have purchased ZF’s 15400 replica, and the finish on the case is comparable to that of J12’s 15400. Therefore, I believe that ZF’s 15500 replica will meet your expectations and not disappoint you.

It’s notable that the stainless steel 15500 models offer three dial options: black, grey, and blue. Regarding ZF’s offering, they have also prepared a white box for this watch. The case back features see-through sapphire crystal in the center, allowing for a clear view of the movement inside. The auto rotor bears the same tone as the original Audemars Piguet Cal. 4302, and the engravings on the movement are impeccably executed. Furthermore, the modified 4302 based on the Miyota 9015 from ZF produces less noise from the auto rotor, a factor that many customers may find significant.

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