ZF published rose gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500

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  • In our market, both the models 15400 and 15500 are highly popular among AP Royal Oak replica watches. Following JF’s closure, ZF has now established its dominance in the market for these two models. Although BP entered the market later, they were unable to compete with ZF due to the superior quality offered by ZF.
    • Previously, ZF exclusively produced the stainless steel version of the 15500 model, offering four dial options in black, white, grey, and blue. However, just a week ago, they introduced a rose gold version with two dial color choices: black and white. Some websites may claim that this is ZF’s second release of the rose gold 15500, but that information is incorrect. ZF had not previously released a rose gold version, so this cannot be considered a V2 edition. As far as I recall, only OM factory has released their V2 edition of the 15500 model.
    • The Royal Oak 15500 features a 41mm case diameter, constructed with solid 316F stainless steel and coated with a thick layer of rose gold. Every visible part of the watch has been plated with rose gold, except for the stainless steel screws that connect the bezel and case back through the middle case. While we cannot observe the inner construction, it is likely that there are rubber gaskets between each case part to ensure water resistance. Additionally, the case has a thickness of 11mm.
    • A significant number of individuals choose to purchase the AP Royal Oak 15400 or 15500 not only for their renowned status as sports watches, but primarily because of their angular case design, which appeals to many men.
    • At present, the dial is available in two color options: black and white. Similar to its case and bracelet, the finish of the 15500 dial also upholds a high standard of quality. The “AP” sculpture positioned at 12 o’clock is particularly striking, being rose gold in color, and perfectly complementing the rose gold tone present on the case and bracelet
    • The replica Audemars Piguet version of the watch is fitted with a clone 4302 automatic movement, which is derived from the Japanese Miyota 9015 movement. However, I will refrain from discussing the Miyota 9015 movement in detail today, as I have already covered it extensively in my previous articles. From the case back photo, it is evident that the movement is clearly visible, showcasing its replicated auto rotor modification and base plate decoration to resemble the AP 4302 Calibre. In fact, it would be remarkable if ZF could successfully develop a super clone 4302 movement in the future, as it would undoubtedly be highly sought after and considered a game-changer.

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